Online ordering with PayPal

If you have ordered something from us via email please click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to pay securely.
Many thanks, Garth and Jo Wilson.

Making an order online

Because I hand draw and personally carve all the pieces nothing is ever the same. Contact us via email to order your individual piece.  If I have not contacted you that day or by the end of the next day then please give me a ring +64 3 7626226 or try sending the email through again.  Thank you.

  1. View the Pendant Meanings and decide on what shape you would like.
  2. Send us an email with the shape you want, the coloured stone you would prefer and the price range you would be willing to spend.
  3. We will take photos of what we have made that fits your description and email them to you.
  4. If you find something that is just right then we will find out postage cost for you and will let you know how much to pay. You can then use our PayPal connection above to make an easy payment or directly put the money into our bank account.
  5. We ship off your purchase to you.