“It only remains for me so say thank you both for you help and advice – what started as a simple bit of online shopping turned into a wonderful experience culminating in a perfect gift for the perfect woman – and to recommend your services to anyone looking for that special piece.”
– Allan UK.

“I initially went in just to have a look at the jade jewelry and ending up spending some time and money here. Garth and his wife Jo are such nice people. They took the time to explain what the pieces meant and how Garths family picks the jade. If you want a gorgeous piece of jewellery that has meaning and is made with love please don’t hesitate to stop here. The prices aren’t cheap but they aren’t that dear either. I had purchased a piece of Jade from a different location in the south west and the quality does not compare. If you hold the two pieces up together. It is very clear that the quality of the stone far surpasses my other stone. The difference was $10. I plan on buying more pieces when I get home as they courier as well. A must do in Greymouth. It was the highlight of our visit there!! Thanks again Garth and Jo!!”
– Lacey R – Canada.

“When traveling to New Zealand, like anywhere else in the world, you’re bombarded by souvenir stores & tourist ‘Hot Spots’ at every turn. When I was wanting a ‘perfect’ pounamu with real connected heritage to the land I’ve grown so emotionally attached to, I feared I was going to end up returning home empty handed…for the second time. Thousands of mass produced, same as same as, designed in NZ but made in China, so called “Real NZ Jade” trinkets & charms later…I found Garth’s Studio. As soon as my son & I met him we knew we had found what I’d been looking for. I think that if you’re going to return home with a true piece of New Zealands culture & heritage, it must to have an indelible connection to the land it came from, & the craftsman who made it. Garth’s heritage & knowledge was a wonder to discover &, not only am I extremely happy to be wearing a piece of his work, I’m honored to be carrying that connection with me every day. I’ve not removed my Manaia since returning home & quite frankly, I never will. I’m looking forward to catching up with Garth again on my 3rd trip…”
– Will Forester – Australia.

“Hi, My visit to Greymouth and stopping by your place was one of my highlights of new Zealand. So glad I stopped in Greymouth.
Again thank you so much. It was such a pleasure meeting you Jo. I’m sure I’ll be a return customer.”
– Best, Melanie

“Hello Garth! Me and my girlfriend were in your gallery today and bought two beautiful pieces of jade. We’ve been looking in Hokitika the rest of the day to find other pieces for our families, but there is just nothing as beautiful as yours.”
– Many thanks, Laura and Marcel.